Saturday, 29 March 2008

The Execution of Lady Jane Grey.

This painting byPaul Delaroche 1797-1856, oil on canvas 246x297 cm, is one that I spent a long time standing in front of in The National Gallery yesterday. The picture I have here is a detail from the painting, and does not in anyway depict the incredible light that falls on Lady Jane, and the texture of her silk gown. It really leaves me speechless, unable to do justice to the painting with mere words. All I can say is if any of you out there find yourselves in the National Gallery, go and stand in front of this painting. I can not remember which room it is in, but you can not really miss it, as it glows from across the other side as you enter the room.

Of course on this visit, I re aquainted myself with a lot of old favourites, but seeing this painting and Alison Watts work, really made my day. Plus, once again, like my visit to the Tate Modern, it had rained all morning, but as I left the gallery the sun came out!

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