Tuesday, 18 March 2008

One day at work then the Ideal Home Exhibition.

I went to do a few little bits of painting for a client of mine yesterday, a mermaid in the little girls bathroom, and a fish or two in the boys bathroom.( I had painted quite a few fish in there last year, and was just adding to it.)
An easy day. But then unfortunately my next job fell through because my client's husband works within the stock market and now is not the time to talk about murals in the chidren's bedrooms! So, being a lady of leisure for now I went to the Ideal Home Exhibtion at Earls Court today, thought I had better go and have a look see considering I work as an interior designer as well as a muralist when I am in Corfu.
I was extremely dissapointed, I expected that there would at least be something a bit new and inovative. But sadly to say there really, in my opinion, was absolutely nothing particularly special. It was either all the very British classic or minimal stark Italian modern. I was unimpressed with the dream home, ( a complete three bedroom luxury home on one floor complete with garage and cars) Actually the garage was about the most exciting space, lovely workshop area, utility area, and loads of storage. The garden was fairly minimal, but I did like some of the planting ideas, may try something similar with my garden when I get home.
Needless to say there was the usual mass of people trying to sell you various things, from super dooper scoopers ( mops, brushes etc) to gadjets that cut, grate, sharpen, dice, dust or clean windows( both sides at the same time too!)
I was convinced to buy one little thing, which I got for some very good friends of mine back home for their new kitchen.
So, dissapointing, but glad I went as at least I won't be wondering what it is like any more when I read about it.

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