Saturday, 5 April 2008


I went to see my dear friend Sharon in Honnington near Bury St Edmunds on Wednesday. We worked it out that we hadn't seen each other in around 9 years, so it was really lovely to see her. She has a beautifull little house in this very lovely quiet village, and she lives an idyllic life of just pottering around her garden, feeding the guinea pigs and rabbit. She teaches three times a week in a local school, which actually takes up a lot of her time as she has a lot of organisational work to do at home.
The weather was beautifull, so we were able to get out and about. We went to a local garden centre, where I could ohh and ahh about all the lovely plants, we had a lovely wander there, and then tea, all very English. It reminded me of when I used to take my mother around the garden centres near Christchurch, which was where she lived.
Anyway I had a lovely couple of days with Sharon, talking of the (s0metimes crazy) times we had in Corfu when she had lived there , our long walks over the hills in the North of the island, to our mad nights out in the clubs on what was called the disco strip.
I then went back to London for a day, and I am now going up to Sharnbrook, the village where I was born, and lived for the first 20 years of my life. I am going to stay with a friend there then fly out from Luton to Inverness for my father's funeral on Tuesday 8th April.

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