Thursday, 15 May 2014

After saying in my last post that we were not plotting a course, and that there would be fair winds, we set off from Spartahori, in beautiful sunshine, spotted one lone dolphin, and thought we would have a lovely relaxing sail to Kalamos. After rounding the East side of Kalamos the wind suddenly went crazy, and totally took us by surprise, huge gusts of up to 45 knots, tipping Silfrania this way and that, and flipping the dinghy over, though luckily with no rib attached. We were within view of Porto Kalamos, so we thought that was our best bet, as long as it was more sheltered there. The wind must have changed direction what seemed like every ten minutes, battering us and churning up the sea into a very messy concoction of waves. Luckily it was more sheltered within the harbor, so after instruction and guidance from George ( he owns the restaurant there, and always guides everyone into the harbor) we moored safely and I must say with some relief. Although a dear ( older) man on a little classic yacht next to us was surprised when I said it had been lucky we had had no sails up at the time the wind came...what?, he said, you weren't sailing? He made me feel a bit of a wimp!! His name is Clem,  and we spent a lovely evening in our cockpit yapping and downing Amaretto's and his whisky. He exclaimed that he thought he would pop out the next day to buy himself an Amel, and said, much to Tom'd delight, that Silfrania was the creme de la creme and the Rolls Royce of yachts. He brought his wife Roz on boarde today for a look round, plus everyone from the yachet next to them. Clem's little yacht is a sort of time share deal with a friend and they keep it in Nidri in Lefkada. What a delightful couple
   Today the weather was much the same, with gusts of 45 then 37 all morning, our bollard that our stern line was tied to snapped in half...Greek concrete!!!! Just hoping all the others on the key hold with more wind we are expecting tonight. An early night tonight, and weather permitting, which we think it will be fine, we will be off to Fiskardo in Cephalonia tomorrow.

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Uaahhh... And ist also seems to be cold... Take care!