Tuesday, 13 May 2014

 In Lakka, having lunch, Ronya spent the whole time watching the fish, I must admit we were highly entertained, and saw not only fish but moray eel and very big squid, plus some beautiful orange and beige sea urchin type creatures.

 Jesse hiding under Tom during a very bumpy and a somewhat uncomfortable sail from Lakka to Lefkas.
 Approaching Lefkas, dredging the bottom so as to keep the canal entrance open to yachts.
Having just passed through the bridge to Lefkas. Then I heard someone shout my name, and there on the road alongside the canal was Sari, waving and shouting, bless her, what a lovely welcome.
After a rather difficult, because of currents and wind, mooring to the town key, we had to go alongside eventually. We caught up with Sari and Pet over a few beers and Mezes, then set off again, heading for Meganisi, after filling the tank at the fuelling station in Lefkas.
 Reached Spartahori at around 9.00pm and a very helpful Babis came out to guide us into the mooring at Porto Spilia. After a light dinner in his restaurant, an early night after a long day.
 Today is Wednesday, and after a little rain, we are just going for a coffee, and to say goodbye and thank you to Babis, then we will be off. Not plotted a course yet, but the weather looks good and the winds fair.

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