Monday, 12 May 2014

Well, it's been a long time since I posted in here, but now a I have just begun a new chapter in my life. It started with meeting my wonderful partner Tom, and has accumulated in the two of us, and our dogs, Ronja and Jesse, living his dream and mine too of sailing away. I have given up my house in Corfu, downsized and moved onto Tom's beautiful yacht Silfrania, a 54ft Amel Super Maramou. We have begun our journey, modestly, with a sail to Mourtos on the mainland, after there was not the right wind for us to sail to lakka in Paxos. Now, a day later we are in Lakka, having left Mourtos early this morning. Once again we sailed here, though the sea was I would call messy, and I am ashamed to say, that for the first time ever I actually felt a little, well. lets just say, not brilliant, though the number of beers and a couple of Mohitos and shots the night before may not have helped!!!!
Our plan? Well we don't really have one, but we do have to be back in Corfu in August to take Tom's car and drive to Norway, via Amsterdam to see my baby boy Eusebios and his beautiful wife Zin. Then back in Corfu in September for a visit from Tom's mother and his daughter. Then, we are away again on the yacht, where? We are not sure yet.
 On this trip we hope to get to Turkey, but there are so many islands out there to explore, we will see, and once again, it all depends which way the wind is blowing.
  I intend to do sketches, take photos and write a daily...ish....account along the way, so this is just a bit of an introduction....more will come.


Stathis said...

Hi Caroline
It sounds wonderful.
Your friend Stathis decided in his old age to do something he always wanted to do. So he joined the BBC Yacht Club, and I started proper sailing lessons.
So next year, if you need an extra hand for your sails, count me in. I will contribute exhalent cooking abilities ,a lots common sense ,and hopefully sailing skills to Costal skipper level.
I envy you -:)

UschiNiemann said...

Looking forward to read your blog! Have a wonderful and safe trip and take care!