Friday, 16 May 2014

This is a draft I had written that must have got lost in the realms of wi fi land, so a bit out of time but publishing it anyway....Kalamos to Fiskardo...........Having got up at six am, walked the dogs, taken the rubbish, then had an orange juice at Georges, we were ready to leave Kalamos, the weather looked good and winds forecast should give us a good sail to Cephalonia. Tom and I were aware that Clem and Paul, moored next to us had gone out in their dinghy last night in the dark and dropped an extra anchor, but we were still not prepared fro said anchor, or rather, rope to get tangled in our bow thruster, and also over our chain as we left, Paul came out in the dinghy and managed to get all untangled, as I sat at the helm then on Tom's instructions maneuvered us out of the harbour. All good fun, this sailing lark...never a dull moment!

  Calm at last, but no wind so we motored for the first couple of hours, as we turned towards Cephalonia, we were fairly tight into the wind, but still managed to have a good sail with 6 knots on the clock until we were too close for comfort to Ithaka's rocky coast line, and we had to start engines again.  Came into Fiskardo to see that there were a fair number of yachts already there, but there were a couple of spaces on the town quay, so we dropped anchor and proceeded to go stern to. As we got closer, I saw there were police cones there, and then a man came out and told me that we couldn't go there as the police would move us. So we sort of circled around looking for a place to go, meanwhile ferries came and went and came again,  We eventually went stern to on the end of the South quay, but we were not happy there, so whilst Tom had lunch in a nearby restaurant I walked round the key to find out what all the cones were about. I went to the Port Police, where a delightful young man, who looked like he shouldn't be out of nappies, told me they were expecting a big day trip boat that would be staying the night, he then said that we could go on the ferry quay as soon as the ferry left, so that is what we did, meanwhile another two boats had parked in the no parking zone, though I did tell them they would probably be moved at some point. Low and behold, out came the young port policeman, and then they all wanted to squeeze in beside us, which they did, so we are all very cosy now!!

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