Thursday, 13 March 2008

All finished today.

Finished the pool mural today, that makes it three weeks exactly since I started it, and I haven't worked every day either! Not bad going. Anyway I am pleased with it, but more importantly the client is thrilled, and can't wait to have it filled with water. Once it is, hopefully at the weekend, I will go back to take more photographs.
So an easy day today, went in early to work, finished the painting, then sorted all my paints ready for the next job. The pool guys were there cleaning up, and they are very pleased too. We are hoping that the house next door will be the next one to be done.
So time to catch up with my blog, and then off to the BBC this evening! Meeting with my friend Stathis, who works there, he is going to give me and a couple of other friends a guided tour. It's also Johnathon Ross night tonight, so I may even meet him! Probably go out for a bite after,to celebrate completion of my job. Better take my camera with me in case I do meet any 'stars', so I have proof !!!!!

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