Sunday, 9 March 2008

My work in London

Well, hi all. Thanks to my good friend Stathis in London, I now have my own blog. So welcome all friends and visitors. It may take me a while to sort out how all this works ( not really computer literate yet,but learning!) so excuse any glitches please.
So, here I am in the big smoke, working on my third basement swimming pool mural. I have just about finished, after two weeks of pretty intensive work, I now just have the entrance area to complete, to hopefully blend it in with the rest of the pool area, and I will be done.
I will be flying back to Kerkyra on 31st March, so any other work here needs to be done before then.
I think I am going back to a fairly hectic work schedule there too. as my list of work to be done seems to be getting longer by the day, sorry everyone who is waiting, I will get to you.
So, I will be downloading lots of photos of my work, plus some of my paintings, and I hope you all enjoy what you see, and even comment if you feel that way inclined, and have the time.

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