Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Back to work again.

Back to work again, needless to say the electricians had not finished yesterday, so I had them for company today, but the lights are all ready in the pool at least. I spent the day filling holes in the wall, sanding, re painting, re filling, sanding.....you get my drift?!! Basically a bit frustrating, but managed to get a couple of sections of the entrance area finished, and had a bit of a clear up in the pool area, organising my paints, and taking up some of the floor covering. The pool guys are coming to take the scaffold down tomorrow and clean a bit , the pool is supposed to be filled by next week I think!! We'll see!!Well, that's about it for today, oh yes, the weather, not what was forecast exactly, still strong winds but not nearly as bad as yesterday, managed to stay dry once more today.

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