Friday, 14 March 2008

A day of appointments and art supply buying.

Met up today with two clients of mine from previous years to talk about work they would like doing. One, simple, start on Monday, probably only one days work. The other, will hopefully know in a couple of days as she needs to talk with husband first. But if all ok I will start on Thursday( going up to Scotland on Tuesday and Wednesday to see my father, who is not too well) and it will probably take me till it's time for me to fly back to Corfu.
I then went to the art supply shop on Kensington High Steet, ohh how I love this shop, but it's not just the expense of things, it's how I get them home! Anyway I bought the acrylics I needed for the job, new paint brushes, a lovely set of sable ones too which had been reduced. A new Moleskine notebook ( haven't had one since college years), a selection of pencils, and a little sketchers' pocket book of watercolours, all of which I can use in my moleskine. I did quite well really as everything had been reduced in price by a considerable amount.
So now to do some sketching and stuff, get those pages in that little book filled.

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