Monday, 10 March 2008

Picasso. Girl in a chemise c.1905

Spent a long time in front of this painting, ( this picture I took from a postcard, no cameras in the gallery) it really is so beautifull, he has used layer upon layer of thin washes of oil paint, giving the flesh an almost translucent feel, the colours are exquisite.I always liked this period in Picasso's painting, but seeing this so close up I think it makes it a true favourite for me. I had such a lovely day, the gallery was not too crowded, and I wandered round at my own pace. Other favourites are Mark Rothko, sat in his exhibition space for quite a while just absorbing his work.. New work I had not seen before, Gerhard Richter, huge canvases of layers and layers of paint, extraordinary work.
Old favourites of course, Klimt, Braque, Monet and the disturbing Bacon. The retrospective of Juan Munoz was pretty extraordinary, with dramatic sculptural installations placing the human figure in specific environments.
Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed my day off, regardless of the weather. Back to work tomorrow!!!

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